"To provide value-added, cost-effective IT solutions to SMEs worldwide enabling them excel in their business."

SMARTE  - Transform your business into a Smart SME!  SMARTE Summary
SMARTE - SMART Software System for Smart SME
  • Not sure as to how to use IT for your business efficiency?
  • Want to use one integrated system for your business?
  • Need a tailor-made, modern and right-priced solution?
 with SMARTE we help you achieve all of the above.
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Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Apps

UWP Apps run on various Windows 10 devices such as Mobile Phone, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop etc.
  • My Secrets Locker [free*] - Secure Storage of Digital Assets - You can securely store your digital assets like Passwords, Important Notes, Images, Videos, Audios and Documents in this App. *Some Premium Features can be bought within the App (In-App Purchase).
    This app can be downloaded from Microsoft Store at: Install

Windows Phone (7.x and 8.x) Apps

Windows Phone Store Search: Type smefocus
Web Store: Visit THIS link.
  • PayMind [try-buy] - Recurring Payments Reminders - PayMind is our first Windows Phone App published on Microsoft Marketplace. It is a novel, intuitive and yet simple way to keep track of recurring payments. Technology: XAML, C#, Silverlight. Use of MVVM design pattern
  • PassLock [free] - Secure Storage of Credentials - Tired of remembering many username-passwords for various websites? Then the answer is PassLock! PassLock uses Windows Phone native encryption. It uses Device-and-Publisher Specific key to encrypt credentials info.
  • SMS Contact Info [free] - Share details of one contact to other over a Text Message (SMS) - This small Utility App, in just two steps, composes a text message containing all stored phone numbers and emails of the selected contact. This eliminates compatibility issues associated with V-Card.
  • SMS My Location [free] - Share your coordinates over a Text Message (SMS) Without GPS or Wi-Fi - Using this app you can share your location to your friends over SMS. Your friends copy-paste the SMS back in this app and view your location on the map.
  • FotoTag [free] - Tag your photos in-a-jiffy! - Using this app you can tag photos in your phone. Tagged photos are stored separately without modifying the original photo.

Turnkey Software Solutions

  • Web-based Interview Scheduling System - This is a web-based and automated Interview Management System being developed for London Business School.Technology: Microsoft .NET 4.0, SQL Server 2008 R2, JQuery UI
  • Redevelopment of Financial Practice Management Products - We are redeveloping some MS Access-based Financial Practice Management Products by porting them to web-based platforms for our South African client. Technology: ASP.NET (VB) and SQL Server 2008 R2. Use of AJAX, JavaScript PageMethods for desktop-like performance.
  • Web-Based Dynamic Tax Returns Generation - This web-based Personal Tax Returns Application is being developed for our South African client. Technology: ASP.NET (VB) and SQL Server 2008 R2. The main feature of the application is to generate the Tax Return on-the-fly according to the personalization options provided by the user.
  • Enhancement of Specialized School Management Products - We are enhancing Specialized School Management Products for our US-based client. Technology: ASP.NET (VB and C#) and SQL Server.

Web-based Organization

  • Harish K. Lalwani & Associates - This Chartered Accountancy Firm provides several online services to its clients using the portal developed by us. Technology: Microsoft ASP.NET (C#) and SQL Server
  • A Sales Tax Consultancy Firm shares online information with its clients using the portal developed by us. Technology: Microsoft ASP.NET (C#) and SQL Server

Web Presence

  • Abhyankar Opticians - A leading optician with more than a century of legacy. Technology: Microsoft Expression, JQuery
  • Bit Electrics - Turn-key Solution providers in Banking Automation, Industrial Automation and Intelligent Energy saving Buildings. Technology: Microsoft Expression, JQuery
  • Kesar Restaurant - Pure Vegetarian Restaurant. Technology: Microsoft Expression, JQuery
  • A Solar and Wind Power Generation Company. Technology: Microsoft Expression

"ServeNGO" Initiative

  • Connecting... NGO - We developed a desktop based solution for "Call Data Management" and a complete office automation solution. Technology: Microsoft VB.NET, WPF, SQL Server, Crystal Reports and Excel Chart Automation for Call Data Analytics.
  • GIANTS Group of Pune Metro - We developed a Website for GIANTS in record time using Microsoft Expression Web platform.
  • Martyr Captain Vinayak Gore - We developed this Website showcasing Martyr Captain Vinayak Gore using Microsoft Expression Web platform and lots of JQuery plug-ins.

Consulting and E-Commerce Websites

  • Consulting for Data Migration - We are serving a world leading automation solutions provider for their data migration related challenges. Database used is Microsoft SQL Server.
  • E-Commerce Website development - We have developed e-commerce website for a UK-based startup. We developed the Store-front, Shopping Cart and payment gateway interfaces in-house. This ensured that the website can be hosted on any hosting provider supporting Windows Hosting. For payments, we are interfacing with PayPal. Technology: ASP.NET (C#), JQuery and Microsoft Excel based database.